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Originally Posted by Nate@TLCS View Post
I have the same Ideas but as a part of the commercial side of my business. Thank you for your help in advance.
P.S. what about a pull behind slit-seeder for this application?
Yeah a three point hitch slit seeder is great for athletic fields. They can be used to seed while breaking up plugs. The draw back is that you can't turn with them, like you can a seeda-vator. The seeda-vator can be used on commerical areas where there are obstacles.

To get into the business, you have to make contacts. The maintenance superintendent where I graduated, was my basketball coach. I talk to him about doing a demo of the seedavator. I invited all the county schools to the demo. No other schools attended, but I got to talk to some of them over the phone and they now know I'm out there. I did the demo when the field was destroy by grubs. I had a window where there were 2 away games in row. I put down 3 lbs/1000 of P. Rye and some starter fert. The local seeda vator dealer and a 1st products rep came and did the demo. The school paid for seed, fert, insecticide and applied them. I paid for nothing and got a lot of recognition for helping out with the field. They mentioned my name over the radio, and now the local boosters club wants to talk to me about there baseball complex. There are all kinds of ways to get your name out there. I just had to get something put together, cost me nothing, and got a lot of praise. This spring will be my first year in business for myself. I hope to find a niche in athletic fields and other large turfed areas.
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