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FYI I am buying from a supplier that has been in business for over 100 years and they have 100s of branches across this part of the US. And liquid sprays they are more expensive. Also their fertilizer actually seems to work better then lesco's my customers even have noticed the difference. Many people in my area use the same supplier as I. Believe it or not many of them find it strange if you use another.
Also the SC is low but we don't have high temps now and its low enough N.

Originally Posted by bug-guy View Post
10% scu ???
i'll admit i'm in fla. and that's not much here
ammonical over urea is cheaper
muriate potash (mop)is cheaper than SOP
again here in fla
you look at mg and mn in minors

i not trying to pick on you or insult you
it's just you get what you pay for
discount distributors very rarely last for long
all they do is drive the market down and give false hope to individuals trying to price their services
you don't have to look hard to see raw materials are going up
lesco today maybe your supplier next week or the 1st of jan
urea cost 200.00 a ton in 04 it's expected to reach 650.00 in 08

i have also thought about switching my cust. to an ALTERNATIVE blend to reduce cost...
i can sell them 24-2-11 for 16.00 a bag
or another 24-2-11 for 14.00 a bag
but their not the same product
12th year in business, still going strong!
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