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Originally Posted by Gatewayuser View Post
I am going off of the soil samples. I bet you use 46 straight too because its so cheap. I don't rip customers off. True Penn State is saying you don't need (P) anymore necessarily however my sample called for it.
And what I see many times are companies putting down the same fertilizer for every lawn but I customize all programs to what the lawn truly needs. Nitrogen only does so much and with this drought we had this year I am working on the root systems primarily. And rcreech you should know this if you have a bs in turf, that is if you do cultural methods. I'm not ChemLawn and if you want to have low costs and charge low prices then go ahead but I don't have to compete with those kinds of companies. If you compare my lawns to "other" companies lawns you WILL see a large difference mine are the first to green back up and fill in the best and last to go dormant in poor conditions. I the 5 years I have been treating lawns I have never lost a lawn to another service provider.
Good advise for noobs though!

I don't even use urea and trust me I don't use cheap products!

I use 100% Lesco products (best you can buy in my opinion) which are well balanced fertilizers! I use 32-3-8 (25%SCU) and 32-5-7 (50% SCU). A product with 18% N and only 10%SCU would very rarely fit anywhere in my lineup. Do you use that as your "maintenance" fert or just on special situations?

All I was trying to point out is that if you apply 1# using your "cheaper source" of N your cost/K is about 30%.

Like someone said is your cost/1000 you should be looking at and not the cost/bag!
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