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Originally Posted by JayD View Post
YES, Hang in there, it just takes time to build up. I'm still doing it myself. I have not tried the flyer's yet myself but was thinking of doing it for next year.
How did yours turn out?
Oh my God!!! The first 200 flyers i passed out, i received 2 calls both of which didnt go with my service. the LAST 200 i passed out, my phone rings all day! i'm swamped...well, not really swamped because i only have about 7 for sure clients and about 5 i havent got a chance to estimate yet but since i'm going at it alone its alot of work. i went and bought an enclosed trailer for the lawn care part of the business but i wish i had got a landscaping trailer because the one i have is a 6x10 and with large yards it gets real full and i have to devise a better way to get the leaves off the trailer once they're in it. but i'm not complaining at all. I prayed for clients and i got em
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