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Originally Posted by Gatewayuser View Post
I am going off of the soil samples. I bet you use 46 straight too because its so cheap. I don't rip customers off. True Penn State is saying you don't need (P) anymore necessarily however my sample called for it.
And what I see many times are companies putting down the same fertilizer for every lawn but I customize all programs to what the lawn truly needs. Nitrogen only does so much and with this drought we had this year I am working on the root systems primarily. And rcreech you should know this if you have a bs in turf, that is if you do cultural methods. I'm not ChemLawn and if you want to have low costs and charge low prices then go ahead but I don't have to compete with those kinds of companies. If you compare my lawns to "other" companies lawns you WILL see a large difference mine are the first to green back up and fill in the best and last to go dormant in poor conditions. I the 5 years I have been treating lawns I have never lost a lawn to another service provider.
Good advise for noobs though!
I simply replied that based on your post, you were saving money between the products and then you listed the 13-18-22 analysis. I pointed out that more bags would be needed (based on the analysis, to provide 1# of N per 1,000 sq.ft. I never once stated that you ripped people off. By the way, your 13-18-22 analysis sounded more like a starter fertilizer than a regular fertilizer. I'm glad that it actually turned out to be an 18-13-22 instead. However, that's a lot of P to be applying on a regular basis and because P doesn't move through the soil, you're taking a chance at having an overabundance of it. Phosphorus levels in my neck of the woods are all through the roof and that's why the majority of the companies out this way use products that are very low in P.

You go on to state that you customize all of your lawn programs and apply what each lawn needs. With that being said, you must do extensive soil tests for each and every lawn and offer 100's of different programs? That seems highly unlikely and would seem like a perfect way of "over-analyzing" something to the point where it wouldn't even be profitable.

By the way, I don't use any 46-0-0.
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