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I got prices from SW Landmark and they were higher then Lesco on almost everything. need to compare apples to apples when comparing prices. I was looking at 32-35% N products with 50% SCU and Pre.

As far as soil testing every lawn every year...that is such a waste of TIME and MONEY! Soils don't change much unless there is soil removal (erosion or physical removal), clippling removal.

I never pull soil sample on lawns unless their is a problem, or I am renovating or seeding a new lawn. I would't soil test anymore then every four years.

You keep bringing up our education and acting like lawns are complicated.

Yes I am educated, and have a very extensive background in fertility. I farm and also worked in the ag retail business for about 10 years selling fert and making fert recs.

But lawns are so SIMPLE!

If you have a good P, K and pH....all you need is a good N source with SCU and some Fe. In most cases here in this part of OH, the P and K is through the roof and pH is high. Why would you use anything else other then a 32% maintenance fert "like you say chem lawn does". Why add expensive P and K WHEN IT ISN'T NEEDED.

Do what is right...but keep it simple!
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