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Originally Posted by Gatewayuser View Post
No they didn't say anything about this product I was talking about a different fertilizer with 50% SR. I used Lesco for 3 yrs but this switched the majority to landmark. However I do still use lesco for my Pre-E because it better. I also buy all my seed from them. I do compare apples to apples don't worry! I compared 19-0-6 with .10% Dimension to 19-0-5 with the .10% Dimension and lesco was cheaper. Starter fert they are more expensive.

Yes, landmark is 30 seconds from me which is another perk since my time is worth $60 per hour and then the extra fuel. So after that said thats an extra $140 for "cheaper" fertilizer so is it still ''cheaper.''

OK! Now I am really confused...but who cares. You said at the beginning:

"haha mine went up also. Already switched suppliers I got at the new place 13-18-22 SCU with Micro Nutrients for $9/ 50lb bag. and I only bought 10. Think of the skid price".

And now you get everything at Landmark but your Pre M.

Guess it ain't for me to figure out.

Good Luck!
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