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Originally Posted by scottm1 View Post
I don't think dormancy is really the issue here because these areas that are yellow never turned green like the rest of the yard did.Most of the yard is still really rich green and thick. To be honest, I am really quite impressed on how nice most of the yard is considering I had NEVER planted a yard before. I just got imy nfo from this site and what info my wife gathered elsewhere. I am really very grateful for all of the help I have received from here. BTW what is potash?
Potash is a generice term for Potassium.

When you look at an analysis on a fert bag you will see three sets of digits. the first number is the Nitrogen (N), the second number is Phosphorus (P) and the third number is the Potassium (K).

Example: If you buy fert and it has 32-3-8, that means that the product has 32% Nitrogen, 3% Phosphorus and 8% Potassium.

It is important to have suffecient potassium levels in the soil as plants need potassium to:
-helps the translocation of sugars within the plant
-stomatal function or turgor pressure of cells
-can help with disease pressure
-drought recovery
-and several other imporatant things such as respiration, photosynthisis ect.

Every element has its own importance in the plant, but K is one of them at the top for overall plant health!
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