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Up here in Michigan we continue to see European Chafer grubs throughout the winter months, I believe they stay right at the frost line. If there is not any frost in the ground they simply stay in the root zone all year and we average 30 -40 " of snow each winter. I don't believe they are actively feeding during the cold winter months but the critters are, they continue to damage the turf well into the winter. I am still getting calls and I've been done for a month now. I just tell the customer to treat next year, the contacts will not have any effect if they are not feeding. In Michigan are annual grub cycles are not effected by the severity of the winters, but by the summer conditions. The new grubs are effected by the amount of moisture that is available right after being hatched. The japanese beetles require moisture, the european chafers prefer dry conditions (or vice-versa I can't remember- you know an old guy like me tends to forget things)

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