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Originally Posted by irrig8r View Post
Reasons not to install aluminum fixtures:

It's no secret that profits per unit are generally gonna be higher when using more durable (more expensive) materials, depending on how you figure your bid.

Copper, brass or stainless steel don't take any additional labor to install.

Because they last longer in outdoor environments you build your reputation for installing systems that last.

So basically, the main reason to install aluminum (or composites) is if budget/ sticker shock are concerns. And that might really give the homeowner a false sense of economy given the comparative life of systems.
Succinct and to the point... I have to agree with Gregg here. If you have built a reputation for installing the finest systems, yadda yadda... then you want to be wary of changing the quality of the build in order to secure a job that might be looking for more 'value'. Gregg's comment on "a false sense of economy" is right on.

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