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Originally Posted by crawdad View Post
I remembered this thread, and thought I'd bump it up. The one who disagreed w/me the most, is now, I believe, out of business.
The last laugh I think they call this... Ha... Ha...
I notice that a lot, but there were a few who picked 1 exclusively that I'm not so sure are still around.

I've changed my mind, I say it depends how badly underpriced it is.
A 45'er at 40 might not be that big of a deal, do it and suck it up.
But a 60'er at 40 there's just no way, I'd likely not show up.

You can try 3, but I don't think it will work.
If you underbid it, my opinion is you likely ruined this one and it is quite possible it will take this customer a long time before they make the adjustment, their mind is set to the first price you gave, there's almost never much doing, don't even bother.

It's not that this is the best answer from a customer relations perspective but I tell you this much:
- Customers are no more loyal or reliable or honest than that either.
> I used to have that kind of determination to always do right, but boy did I get shown how it works.
>> Once I experienced that over and over, it changed my tune.
- Explanations, in my experience, do little to no good.
> I've explained till I'm blue in the face, nowadays I save my breath.

So ...

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