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for me it would be the 1st option, you quoted them the price, so now you should go by that price for the rest of the season and raise it a little next year. raising the price now would be going agaisnt your word and price that YOU gave them. and if you simply stop showing up it becomes Very Unprofessional on your aprt and shows the customer you are Not Dependable and Very Unreliable. word of mouth is Great advertising unfortunately its works the other way too. Don;t show up and they could spread the word to everyone they know NOT to call you because you Gave them a Price to do the job and once they gave you the account you wanted to raise it right away or worse yet No show up. we all under quoted at one time or another, but the fact is YOU gave them a price They said yes, now You Should live up to the Price that YOU GAVE THEM. a Good learning experience
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