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Originally Posted by Grounds Maint. Plus, Inc. View Post
Threw two copper fixtures in a demo last week and whet to pull the demo and the copper ones are alredy looking like crap. anyone else use alot of copper? do you have to seal with somthing to keep it looking sharp. I know they fade a little mine have lots of water spots. Thanks
HAHAHAHA... are you serious?

Did you expect it to stay shiny and bright?

Any raw copper that doesn't start to age immediately upon installation must have been clear-coated. You are fighting a losing battle if you think you're gonna keep them looking like new.

Most people who install copper do it knowing what it will look like after being subjected to the elements. The natural patina starts out spotty and uneven and depends on humidity, sun exposure and other factors.

If you want something that's not powdercoated but with more of a controlled "aged" look, I suggest looking at the metallic finishes that Unique, RSL and SPJ offer.
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