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I still think, if you decide option 3, that at least as often as not you will end up with a customer who will either become demanding, or a talker (the kind that comes out when you're there, and wastes however much time chit chatting). Doesn't really matter what you say or said, sometimes to tell them it might be more in advance is just as daring a move, too, but I do agree that is not a bad idea but then if you've already given yourself that option then you really did not underbid, now did you?

We'd have to be complete utter morons not to increase the price when we realize it's going to cost more, WHEN you've already kept that option open and the customer has pre-agreed, heck you really didn't underbid here in my book, you were just hoping you could get it done for less but it didn't work out, that's a whole different scenario from a "dude did I foul this up or what?"

If you fouled it up so be it, but I'm not so sure option 3 is such a great 'in the know' idea either. You're just asking for it, this is the type of thing that breeds that crap, the tactic spawns a demon in their mind and what they end up doing is quenching that little demon's thirst at your expense. You quote too low a price now they had their mind set to that price, then all of a sudden it's more, fine, but even if they agree you still may have ruined this customer, if nothing else their mind set is all wrong now.

This is also why it is important to give the right price in the first place, add the crap up at least 2 but I prefer 3 separate ways, that way you can be somewhat sure you got it, all I'm saying. Even then it happens, oh well.

Because this is what I know, you decide but you always have to be careful.

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