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Originally Posted by Mike M View Post
When using PAR's in wells, what are some tricks people are using for installations? Is it better to use a lense cover to keep debris out, or is it better to use the shield side to avoid glare? I'm thinking I should experiment with debris covers, and improving protection of contacts.

Just wondering about tricks and preferences when using wells by people who have figured out how to use them with success. Also, wondering if silicone from a caulking gun or a hardening sealant would provide better protection than grease on the contacts.


Mike M
there are two schools of thought. If it's open on the bottom (ie: standard 5" black PVC issued sleeve)use a grate or "open" shielded device as not to accumulate condensation on the underside of the glass lens.

If it's fully sealed then use a glass lens and or grate cover together
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