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Brain Storming Time

Before I submit my proposal on this lighting job, I thought I should first solicit the ideas of my fellow lighting contractors.
I have a large project to design for a developer. Included in this proposal is a 200' bridge that spans a marsh. There are concrete borders on both sides of the lanes that are about 2.5' tall. The developer took it upon himself to have junction boxes installed every 25' along the bridge on both sides because he wants some very low light to define the drive way onto this island. Keep in mind that these lights will be surface mounted, and they will be only about 18" off the ground. He did provide conduit between j-boxes, but it is only 1/2" Sched.40 grey electrical conduit.
Here's my dilemma:
1.) What fixture can you recommend that will cover the j-box?
2.) Being that the conduit is only 1/2", what kind of wiring method would you use? There are 9 lights, spaced 25' apart on both sides. 200' from the first fixture to the last.

Looking forward to some great responses!
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