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Originally Posted by Chris J View Post
9 lights on each side with only 1/2 inch electrical conduit. I don't think I can get more than one 10/2 wire down this 200' span, and I certainly don't have room for a "T" configuration (I don't think, but I've never tried).
I shouldn't bother after your derogatory response in another post but.
3 home runs on both sides. 3 lights per homerun with the homerun to the "middle" fixture. A T wiring config. yes certain conduits closest to the trans will have 6 stranded 10 gauge conductors (1 black and 1 white per circuit) A good electrician will have no problem pulling 6 #10's through a 1/2" straight PVC conduit 25'. Just use some lube or motion lotion or pay an electrician to pull them for you.
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