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Originally Posted by sleepyhead View Post
Well I prefer the well lights on walls, trees, etc. I do not use anything to cover the light. I wonder even with a cover will the mulch still catch on fire? Seems to me that heat would still build up.

On that note. I do tell my customers DO NOT cover the fixture with mulch or line needles, or it will catch on fire. I have had 2 service calls to where the mulch has caught on fire, due to who installed the mulch.
When installing a well light or any other inground fixture I would advise you to connect a thermal breaker to the lead wires and place it under or directly beside the fixture. This will cut the power to the fixture if it rises above the threshold temperature of the breaker.

Nightscaping offers these as a stand alone part upon request. Catalog number is LO-78-40-TB.

Have a great day.
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