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Nice project...We have been so busy, I really havent had a chance to get on much and I just about missed all of this thread.....That pool needs more appeal around it. But anyway, I love my t190 as well. It has been soooooo useful over the last few weeks. On our neighborhood development project, we have been able to get so much further ahead of schedule. Without the t190, dont think we would have been as productive. We have closed the door on 2007, and I refuse to take anymore work this year unless its $$$$$ involved. The weather here had been so nice, and we have been able to work without any problems due to the weather. Well yesterday and today we finally got a really good freeze, but we will be back in the 60's later this week. Our last day of the year will be on Saturday, and we wont get started again until Jan. 14th. We plan on spending Saturday cleaning all equipment, repairing what needs to be repaired, cleaning up, organizing, etc. My wife actually hired a professional organizer, and she has been amazing. We have reduced clutter, and created more space. But I am so ready for vacation. I am headed to the warm and sun of Flawda for a few weeks. Hey Todd, I got tix to the Va. Tech Game in Miami, and will also be going to the Gator bowl to watch my Hoos.
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