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Originally Posted by Mike M View Post
First you must sell yourself before you can sell others on your ideas

I swear I agree. That is exactly what I've been thinking about every day this past week. I need to start selling and promoting "me", and not just the "lights" or even the "lighting effects."

My next post card will say something like:
"Stylish illumination by Mike M., outdoor lighting designer."
"Call to set up a consultation, or better yet, book a great deal on a lighting demo of Mike's designs at your home for only $65.00"

Or something like that.
Not so sure this is a great idea man...who really knows who you are? I think a better approach on the card is selling the experience the customer gets from your work - what's in it for them.

Then, when you're face to face, sell yourself by your actions. Answering calls promptly, being punctual, concentrating on the customers NEEDS and desires, rather than simply what you think looks "correct". People really appreciate this.
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