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Answering Pete

Originally Posted by pete scalia View Post
I agree with the commodity part but I also think it's hypocritical. If he felt that way then why does he sell his products through those 2 distributors if he was true to his convictions?

I don't believe he does sell much through either one...

As for the free seminars, Nightscaping has done their share of free seminars too.

What has Nightscaping done to protect the contractor from this "commoditization" ?

I'm not knocking the man and I have no reason to believe what you say about him is untrue. But let's be honest here. He played on the same field with all of these commoditizers and contributed to it equally.
Well Pete, as I said, it's about more emphasis on the contractor... listening to our needs and responding... basically because Bill was one of us.

Did you ever hear the story of how Bill turned down a million dollar order from one of the big home improvement stores? (The only similar story I've heard was Snapper mowers saying no to Walmart.)

And he was accessible... by phone or email and through his Nightchat group where contractors/ installers/ designers exchanged ideas.

As far as the free introductory seminars, that's recent... in the last 2 years, just to compete with what other players like Vista have been doing all along.

No, Nightscaping doesn't have a perfect track record.

Sometimes they were slow to respond, like to reports of phosphatized steel fixtures rusting out... but they did respond in a big way with stainless, brass and copper.

I've also seen their products being offered (for instance from the sister retail site that C.L.L. runs called to the public for discounts of more than 30% off list...

But I always felt with Bill that I could write him when something wasn't right, and one way or another he responded.

A few years back I complained about a transformer that arrived and looked like it had been beaten on by a monkey with a sledge hammer. I found out from my distributor that my one complaint temporarily shut down the line and they figured out that the problem was the weight of the unit combined with the packaging not holding up to rough delivery drivers. So they changed it, adding the foam rings.

Bill's owning up to problems and fixing them, plus the willingness to modify or customize fixtures kept me a regular customer.

And the whole "friends doing business with friends" thing... sounds corny maybe, but it works.
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