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Originally Posted by Chris J View Post
You might want to take a closer look at that truck dude. On your web site home page, top picture (second from the left) look familiar? That's my job pal! Did you get this pic from Kichler? I'm not gonna come get you over it cause it's one that I let go of, but man....... Don't you think you should use your own work for your web site? I'm somewhat disappointed in you my brother. I think you should have your site designer make some changes real quick.
If Kichler gave away a contractors photo without permission then I would think that would be grounds to discontinue using their product. Joey D is waiting in the wings with open arms. All brass not the cheap aluminum that is guaranteed to rust. Why support a manufacturer that has such close ties to the DIY market by selling their lights through home depot and Lowe's. You can argue that it's not contractor grade but I don't care. Customers perceive it to be the same quality under the Kichler brand name. perceptions are expensive and nearly impossible to change. I say boycott kichler in support of our brother and fellow contractor Chris J.
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