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Originally Posted by bmwsmity View Post
dont know about boycotting them, but it's pretty lame they sent a pic saying it was okay to use so i could depict representations of what i can do. Don't blame Kichler, they are doing nothing outside of their rights. You needed pictures, and they sent you some. You should be thankful.

i never claimed it to be my work, and it isn't in my portfolio section, just in some little pics on the main page as filler really.Come on, it's on your home page! You don't expect us to believe that it's not your work?

one thing i can say is, there is NO WAY i'm ever sending any pics to anyone but customers.See Below.

i do remember chris having issues with this picture once before. what a pain.
As I've told you guys before, when you submit photos to contests, you expose yourself to a wide variety of future events. This photo is one that I submitted in my early years and has been long forgotten. I don't hold any grudge toward bmwsmitty for using it, although I my hope is that everyone will always use their own work to describe their own style. However, I understand that I also once had to get started, and I needed some graphics to get started with. I really don't remember what the guys name was, but I do know that I had his permission to use his photo. I guess I feel it is only appropriate that you have permission to use other's work; therefore, it is a matter of morals and ethics. In the spirit of Christmas, I am going to leave this as a gift. Good luck to you as I hope you gain an enormous amount of business off of it.
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