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Originally Posted by Chris J View Post
As I've told you guys before, when you submit photos to contests, you expose yourself to a wide variety of future events. This photo is one that I submitted in my early years and has been long forgotten. I don't hold any grudge toward bmwsmitty for using it, although I my hope is that everyone will always use their own work to describe their own style. However, I understand that I also once had to get started, and I needed some graphics to get started with. I really don't remember what the guys name was, but I do know that I had his permission to use his photo. I guess I feel it is only appropriate that you have permission to use other's work; therefore, it is a matter of morals and ethics. In the spirit of Christmas, I am going to leave this as a gift. Good luck to you as I hope you gain an enormous amount of business off of it.
As always, Chris J is the man.

I'll update everyone when I get a new pic up
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