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Originally Posted by Mike M View Post
Mike M has no flippin site. But I have a stupid logo, a business card, 50 cents a sheet letterhead, and a white truck with one remaining magnet (the other got blown off the other night when it was windy. I had the driver side magnet hidden in my truck to sneak by a gate posing as a friend of a prospective customer, it got bent a little, and didn't stick good when I put it back on), a fancy $700 church bulletin ad which to date has generated a $25 tree stake sale, and a land-line phone so B2B sales guys can reach me. I bought a digital camera, if biz doesn't pick up, I'll head to Jacksonville to take my own original pic's of Chris's work.
wow...guess i touched a nerve there.

i especially loved the "phone so b2b sales guys can reach me"....I totally feel your pain there. except my number goes straight to my cell, for even more fun times of incessant calling about whether or not i take credit card payments yet.
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