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What is pH

pH is the inverse logarithm of the hydrogen atom in a solution.===>Soil in water is measured for the amount of free hydrogen ions.

The more hydrogen ions the lower the pH.==> acid
The less hydrogen ions the higher the pH==> Base or Alkine

My soil runs 8.5 to 9.5 pH therefore I use ammonium sulfate as my nitrogen source to help lower pH. This works two ways 1.) ammonium sulfate is 1.333 lb sulfur to 1 lb of nitrogen. Therefore for every pound of N I am putting down 1.333 lb of sulfur. 2.) ammonium is 1 part Nitrogen to 4 parts Hydrogen. Therefore for every atom of Nitrogen I put down I am putting down 4 atoms of Hydrogen. The Increase in hydrogen ions decreases pH .

If my soil were 4 to 5 pH I would put down lime to raise pH. Here is how it works. Lime has hydrogen oxide or OH. OH joint with the free Hydrogen atoms to form HOH or water H2O. The decrease in Hydrogen ion increases pH.

I hope my simple chemistry has helped you. I would just pound the yard 16-4-8 ammonium sulfate blend and forget the sulfur. Good Luck.

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