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Originally Posted by Mike M View Post
I think what brought me in there was having to pee really bad. I can hardly afford soup. It was that deal "1/2 bowl of soup and 1/2 sandwhich."
Mike, have no fear... perservere!

9 years ago, my first year in this business, I had sales revenue of some $2400.00 ( I kid you not! One job.) I was driving a 1986 Chev pickup, working full time as a truck driver for BOC Gasses and driving around to community bulletin boards posting a single page glossy 'flyer' to act as my marketing. Now I am doing over 200 times that first year's sales with steady growth.

Find the Passion and let your clients share in it. People just love doing business with others who have a passion for their work. It is infectious.

Have a great day.
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