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Originally Posted by eshskis View Post
Easy Question lawntamer, as for the early nineteenth century immigrants, they came at a time when the population of the U.S. was one fifth of what it is today. Most were processed through Ellis Island in New York and were at least checked for diseases to some degree. LEARNING ENGLISH WAS A REQUIREMENT. There is no comparison to the twenty million illegal immigrants in this country today, not only taking jobs, but also taking advantage of and demanding more services and rights. The open border advocates and pandering politicians have no regard for the millions through out the world who have applied through legal means and have to wait indefinitely, jump through hoops and pay fees on top of fees and then wait some more, sometimes for years because they choose to abide by the laws of this country while other choose to break them and are rewarded generously once they get past the border and into the cities. That is how it hurts me, You hurt my country you hurt me.
So, Turf magazine printing 1 article in Spanish and English is somehow the cause of Illegal immigration?

The reason Bush and the congress won't seal up the border is simple. U.S. industry likes cheap labor, and the Federal government is relying on millions of illegal immigrants paying into Social Security using false or stolen SS#s and never claiming a dime of it. It's not right, it is foolish, but that is the reason.
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