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Originally Posted by johnh View Post
We may have a different hierarchy here in Canada, the CSA who develops the standards and provides the testing (others like UL, ETL, CE are also acceptable, as long as they are to Canadian standards) also writes the CEC (equivalent to NEC). Then there are the local authorities that enforce the code. But the CSA standards and the CEC are closely tied together, one referring to the other.
Do the NEC and UL not have a similar symbiotic relationship?
If the jobs are being inspected they need to be listed by a NRTL. at my last count there were 14 including ETL and UL. UL is a great company but all they do is wright standards. Then they come up with tests to meet those standards. 1838 was intended for lighting kits with every single conponate being tested and sold together, the wire, lamps, connectors,fixtures. With the expect ion of Malibu kits I know of nobldy that does this. I'm still waiting for some one to tell me why 120 volt lighting is OK .....if 1838 is the rule at 15 the way does't Kitchler, Nightscaping, Hadco, Vista and most other sell 120 volt lighting...........So back to UL standards there are many standards: under 15 volts, under 30 volts. over 30 volts to 120 volt's or higher. But make no mistake in the USA it is the NEC that stated what is legal or not legal. I really don't care .....I make all transformer's to comply with all listing for all standards for all uses.
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