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Originally Posted by LawnTamer View Post
So, Turf magazine printing 1 article in Spanish and English is somehow the cause of Illegal immigration?

The reason Bush and the congress won't seal up the border is simple. U.S. industry likes cheap labor, and the Federal government is relying on millions of illegal immigrants paying into Social Security using false or stolen SS#s and never claiming a dime of it. It's not right, it is foolish, but that is the reason.
Actually the borders are left porous so that a revolution doesn't happen in Mexico. Our border is a safety valve for the corrupt Mexican gov't. Why do you think their prez squawks so much at the thought of closing the border?

This is getting way off topic.
Price fairly but price to stay in business.

You can't charge extra because it takes you twice as long to do the job because you have crappy or outmoded equipment.

And, if they don't pay, put a shovel upside their head.
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