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Another opinion from his web site...............

Jerry Baker’s Pelletized Gypsum

This is the perfect soil conditioner! It works through a chemical reaction to loosen and aerate hard-packed or heavy clay soils. It improves drainage and root penetration, enhances proper cell development and growth, plus it is gentle acting and ecologically sound to use. Gypsum conditions the soil so that everything can penetrate down to the roots. It works great on “doggy damage” and tire tracks, too! 4 lbs. in a handy shaker canister. (Not available in KY, or WI.)

If you have a dog, or plan to use one of those melting products for icy walks or driveways this winter, then October is the time to apply gypsum in at least 4 foot wide strips along all such areas to prevent winter salt damage. The gypsum also neutralizes damage from doggie droppings. Jerry Baker
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