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Hi Fish,

Sure, I remember you. You were the first one to answer my may-day post in April, 2006 when I asked if anyone knew where I could get the tires. But to answer your last question, yes the ones I ordered came in and they'll fit. But since it's December now, I won't be firing up the Hahn Eclipse for a few more months. I don't know if getting these new tires mean the mower will last for another 40 years, but with the little use I'll be giving it, it might. During the last year, I bought a Quick 36 Samurai for my hills that I can't, or at least won't take my Z on, so I suspect the Hahn Eclipse won't be getting much use from now on. It's in perfect shape though. I had recently replaced the engine, blade, drive shaft and wheel bearings, so now with the new tires, it's pretty close to "as good as new". Maybe someday it'll end up in the Smithsonian for lawn mowers!

Thanks again to everyone who helped me, and Merry Christmas to all.
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