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Originally Posted by Mike M View Post
Well then you and I are looking at the same thing. I'd rather use 40-50% 125's and the rest nice brass stakes & specialties, in leiu of going with aluminum to try to reduce costs.

The ABS composte wells are what, 15 year? While the 125's are only 5 year. That bugs me. Why are the 125's in the warrenty class with aluminum? Does the heat weaken the PVC housings, or is there a prob with the rubber gimbals?

I agree with you that the 125's seem really usable, 25' leads and they have those daignol debris grates. I don't see anyone else with diagnol debris shields. Kichler doesn't even have leads.

Cast has PAR wells (which I wasn't even aware), but they don't have the diagnol debris guards.

I have the 125's in my demo kit. The rubber gimbal is not quite a substitute for the stainless steel adjustables, but the cost is very low.
I can't have a lesser expensive well light with the same warranty...........The F225 is a better light hands also comes in do have to buy a grate ..................I have the F225 cans injected molded with a special compound for heat and UV. Its also has a patented gimble ring.
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