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Some issues come up with heated drives, depending on the type of heat you are using and your base prep.

Two types of heat, Electric wiring and crosslinked poly tube.
Electric is easier to install you can keep the 1" of sand but the cost goes up to heat. Tubing you need more than 1" of sand more like 2" it makes screeding harder, holding the tubes down?? you need wide staples or a clamp of some type. Then the heating unit are you going to tap in to the home boiler or install a new one? Remember you need to run antifreeze thru the piping.

Base use more than you think, and wider than you really need, I suggest you go 18"-24" wider than normal, this supports the edges from moving(heat transfer from drive to yard are issues they have to deal with) Use a good edging, most important with the poly tube (Pavetech Industrail edging for poly) it can handle the higher sand base.

Remember heat goes both ways up and down and it will go out to the sides, so if some one drives off the brick they might get stuck if your base is too narrow.
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