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Originally Posted by Mike M View Post
That's what I figured. The ABS composites are better, but in realty, those 125's are fine. I also understand that a warranty is a part of a marketing expression; i.e., how do you sell those 225's to me if they have the same warrenty as the 125's? But why not make the 225's lifetime and the 125's 15? The reason I ask, is that I'm using the same marketing/warranty angle with my customers, and I don't want to say: those staked fixtures are lifetime, and the wells are all 5 years. See? For the end consumer, I have to present the well with the brass, not one well to another.

If I go with copper fixtures at 15 years, it still sounds silly to say 5 years on the wells. Did you make the wells to go with Kichler and Vista powder coat fixtures? I doubt it. Are you saying Unique makes a fixture in the same longevity class as the aluminum?

I'm just saying it's a big jump from 5 to lifetime. Or 5 to 15 years. 5 sucks. The whole point of the economic well for me is to lower the average fixture cost, maiking the awesome brass fixtures more accessible. But my idea won't work with a huge disparity in warranty language in my proposal to the prospect.

If the best response to me is to avoid the 125's and go with 225's, I'm okay with that. I like the adjustable steel gimbal anyway. But why would you even make the 125?

Don't take me too seriously, I'm a low-volume rookie.


Mike M.
When you place a F125 with its plastic grate next to a F22f with brass or copper debris guard, or the copper (15 year warrenty) next to the brass ( life warranty) its easy to see and understand the conprairson. FYI .....I've been making the F125 5 years before I started Unique..................I can't kill my first child even though it not as strong or pretty as my other kids. I know a lots of low - volume rockies that have turned to high - volume Lighting artist.
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