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I don't do landscape installations, just maintenance for the time being until I can gain the necessary knowledge and skills. My signs and business cards do not have landscaping anywhere on them and I don't pretend or imply that I'm a landscaper.

I have had people ask me to do landscape work and I tell them that I only do maintenance right now. I'm not implying that you have to have a degree to be a landscaper. There are plenty of self taught people out there and people who have worked for or under someone qualified to do the work. I'm talking about the people who put landscape design and installations on their truck and trailer and on their business cards that really don't have the experience or the training or the background but yet they call themselves landscapers.

Buy a truck and trailer and a couple mowers and shovels and hey your a landscaper. How many are guilty of calling themselves landscapers just because they own some of the tools to do the job.

Hey I think I'll buy a couple of pots and pans and some knifes and call myself a chef.

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