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Originally Posted by AGLA View Post
The thing is that we all look at the industry as having a minimum threshold of legitimacy which just so happens to be defined by our own qualifications. Those of us who have started with shovels in our hands and have no degrees view those with degrees as having no practical experience. Those with the degrees view those without them as being scrubs.

The fact of the matter is that if someone is buying your services, you are legitimate. Whoever you are losing jobs to are legitimate competition. Those who you can not take work from are apparently ahead of you or you would get the jobs.

It is a diverse industry and there are lots of niches within it that require less knowledge and experience and lots that require more. We don't decide that, the consumers do. It is what it is.
Embroider the above into your skulls!!! That is so right on!!

In case your wondering about my qualifications, I was born and raised on a general stock nursery and have 27 full time years of repiticious Landscape Design, Installation and Maintenance behind me and i will never.... ever....... know it all! I am a new member this year on LS, there is lots of fact and fiction here. What i have found is that we are all here not just to make a buck, but to learn and grow with a chosen profession that we all enjoy. There are no useless threads or information here!! Everything usually works its self out. The fact that you just read this post means that you care to.

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