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This system works fine we install them all the time! Its pretty simple it is just an extra zone that runs off your boiler it isn't that exspensive to run!Its just like in your house with hot water heat they are mostly set up with the bathrooms being the wild zones heat is constantly flowing! The correct way to install this #1 Get your base in #2 form the drive way then install your 4"steel mesh #3 You need to have a supplier or company design the lay out pattern for you.....Each run can only be 200'#4 You run the poly pex tubing according to the lay out design zip tying it to the mesh every foot running the line 8" apaprt from each other. (oops I forgot before you install the steel mesh you must lay down 2" of styro foam) Becareful not to kink the loops on your turns make a 1' loop I hope this helps if you have any ? feel free to email me at or call are office Gale plumbing and hydronics at (616)-281-6999 they will answer any ? you have !Ask for Mike or Bob
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