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i just put landscape in my name. i dont know anything about plants, or dirt or anything. i barely know how to put em in the ground! i just wing it and charge people $20,000 to do it. ha!

I think the people who put landscape in their name, hope to eventually learn, but if they are charging for good landscapes and have no idea what their doin? then thats bad... i hope there are people in this industry who are honest about what they know and what they can do. altho there was one company in town a while back that all the sudden put landscape in their name. i saw them working on a project in a pretty nice neighborhood so i kept a watch. one week in it looked like crap, a couple days later their sign was gone and one of the bigger companies in town was there. bottom line if you dont know what your doing, learn on your own house! not someone paying thousands of dollars!

Always a lesson, never a failure.
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