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I don't have landscape anywhere in my business info but on the few jobs that I have picked up this winter, I have brought in the right people when I got to a point that I was over my head.

I don't touch irrigation! Those guys have a trade for a reason and because they are there, I let them do their job. Yes it is a little less cash in my pocket now, but the customer won't be calling me back for dead grass or plants because I totally muffed the sprinkler system.

I have a big job coming up on wednesday of this week and since I have never removed an entire side of a yard and replaced with a flower bed and put all the plants and what have yous, I am bringing in a close friend and we are splitting the job. I may actually give him a little more of the money because I am learning from him even though it is my customer and my job.

Yes, I am a BS artist but as I learn I retain and won't make mistakes that will hurt my business or the industry! If necessary, I will simply defer to a bigger and better company before I will hurt myself!
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