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While I do agree that most Lco's are likely not as fully qualified as they would like to be and I could be guilty of this... But true landscaping involves working with terrain, I'm talking you probably have at the very least a tractor with a loader and a backhoe, thou a bulldozer would qualify, moving portions of the earth such as for mining involves landscaping, see where I'm coming from?

So, under qualified who, right?

But a french drain is landscaping, so are those landscaping timbers, technically installs such as flower beds and mulch is landscaping, laying down white stone in a walk way is landscaping, not sure about an irrigation system but it probably fits, once we get down to lawn mowing and hedge trimming I think we're outside the landscaping category.

By the way, what we do falls under agricultural, city farming some of us say.
And farming in many ways involves landscaping, plowing and tilling sure is, not sure about core aeration but seeding might.

See landscaping is a very broad term, it encompasses thousands of sub-categories not just within the garden and ag sectors but into the industrial sector as well. It is so broad in fact I don't use it for myself because of the very reasons you mention, but I don't find but so much fault in other Lco's using it, if that's how they wish to describe what they do, so be it, that's everybody's choice.

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