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French Drain issue with basement


Has anyone had an issue with the following?

I installed a French drain system around a house last week.
The architect and i talk about what i needed to do.

Dig out to the footing,Paint Concrete block with waterproofing tar, Install socked 6" perforated drain pipe.
sand around pipe and then washed gravel on top, backfill with

This is pretty much it this was an addition to a house about 40ft by 30ft with 2 storys the lower level is a basement.

NOW that i have it pretty much done the architect is coming back and telling me it needs to be redug to install a drain sheet against the CMU.

Do you know how much time and how hard it will be to dig through 2 feet of gravel then have to reinstall all of the material again.

i guess my question is who should pay for the redigging and re installation part of this. if the architect was out there telling me what needed to be done.

LOCATION, is South Mississippi.
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