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well what happened was We spoke about it on Thurs 2weeks b4 xmas
then the next Weds i got started !!! thats an entire week for him to think about it. And then what happened was when i put the soil up to the top of the CMU wall where the brick ledge is ( bricks have not been layed at this point) It rained a lot and poured over into the cells of the CMU and came in to the house. It was just bad BAD timing for the most part ... BUT !!!! this doesn't mean my french drain is at fault... adn they are fixing to put the bricks up this week and JUST NOW this week the architect is telling me we need to do this drainsheet or waterproofing membrane and need to dig out that by the wall ... The architect is going to call me today from what the contractor and i just talked about .. the contractor is saying its not my fault either. That the architect should have suggested this to begin with. and then there is the rain that poured into the cells. The contractor actually was there at the time it was raining and looked out and saw it going in there and started to do something about it. But it was a little to late and then the water oozed in ...

might lay the bricks and never have anymore trouble out of it ...
i told the contractor to fill the cells with motar b4 the bricks went in.
to make sure.
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