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So I was supposed to backfill with 15' of gravel on that basement I did last summer? And the owner is just supposed to have gravel instead of grass all against his house? The guy said he used the perf pipe with a sock on it, so it's not going to clog.

There is a layer of seperation in between the gravel and the soil. Either filter fabric or straw. If you have ever seen a house being backfilled they are required by building code to seperate the soil and the gravel. Most of the time they use straw, because by the time the straw decomposes, the dirt has completely settled. Plus straw is cheaper than filter fabric. In Ohio, they must have this inspected before the house is backfilled with soil.


You're right. Architects have to get a lot more schooling and experience than engineers.

Where did you get this information? This doesn't even make sense.
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