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Originally Posted by chris638 View Post
There is a layer of seperation in between the gravel and the soil. Either filter fabric or straw. If you have ever seen a house being backfilled they are required by building code to seperate the soil and the gravel. Most of the time they use straw, because by the time the straw decomposes, the dirt has completely settled. Plus straw is cheaper than filter fabric. In Ohio, they must have this inspected before the house is backfilled with soil.
Must have misunderstood what you said originally. To me, it read as though you were impying that no earth could be placed atop the gravel. My apologies.

Soil down here must be different from Ohio; we don't have to use fabric or straw between the crushed stone and fill material. In fact, if fabric is used on the drain itself, gravel isn't always used. Probably another reason is there's a lot fewer houses with real basements down here. All the "drained" houses I've worked on have been poured slab walls, with the basement being cut into the side of a hill.
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