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Here is something to chew on, I never even worked in a flower bed, never even have seen a piece of sod...stopped at a nice house to ask about mowing their yard in April, and they asked me to clean out flower beds and remulch. They paid me $1000.00! She said since we did such a good job could we install beds in the back yard. boom she paid us over $3000, and she went to the nursery and picked out and bought the plants and let us us her tractor. We then asked about 2 dead trees in the yard, and she paid us $1000 to cut them down and haul them off. Needless to say we bacame "landscapers" from that point on. We did three jobs after that around $15000.00, then got the holy grail of jobs. A brand new million dollar home with just dirt around it. I bought a fancy landscaping software and designed their yard on my laptop. After presenting them with it, they said when can you start? It was a $120000.00 job! I was scared to death when they said that. I rented a skid steer (with air) got about 10 friends and family, hired a stone mason to do the 1800 sq ft of sidewalks and the retaining wall, and hired a septic guy to put in the sprinkler system. Built berms in the yard, layed out the beds, then I payed the nursery a little extra to come out and physically make my plant order. I spent nearly $27000 just in the plants! We layed over 20000 square feet of sod, and the job looks awesome! We even got full size trees in the yard. I am just saying, that just because you don't have a degree, or have been to landscape design school, It doesn't mean you can't ask people's opinions and find out how to do things from someone who does. Hell, the nursery even delivered the plants and placed them where they thought they should go, and they provided all the chemicles that we needed to make sure the plants grow right and look good. The best part about the job was the 20yr old japenese maple we brought in and built the sidewalks around.

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