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Bid questions

I was speaking with an upper level manager of a large property management co in my area and was asked to give a pricing per equipment hour, and man hour. This is not specific to any property. This is not how I normally price. I am used to giving a bid per property for the grounds contract based on sevral areas.
1. Mowing, weedeating edge and blow I bid by sq foot
2. aeration I bid by equipment hour
3. Fertilization I bid by square foot
4. bed pre and planting by man hour + materials used

If I top dress I charge per hour depending on the rental rate of the equipment.

My big issue is I do not care to show the company what i charge per square foot. Because I use a graduated scale according to square foot. It sorta goes like this. for 75000 + i charge .004 for 40,000 to 75000 i charge .005 and for under 40,000 I charge .006 This is my commercial rate.

How would you write up a proposal for this company
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