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Originally Posted by mdvaden View Post
I can basically just condense my background, and let someone decide if it's thorough:

6 golf courses
2 university campuses
2 landscape companies

golf course superintendent
crew leader
Certified Arborist & Certified Landscape Tech.

2 years college w/ 3.60 gpa - letter of reference from college Dept. Head

In hort since 1980 / in business since 1988
About 3500 complete contracts of 1 hr to weeks long

Appointed by Oregon's Governor to 2 terms on landscape board

Can prune with the best of arborists
Can design with the best of designers
Can install very nicely, but not sure if up there with the best.

That's it in a nutshell.
Wow! and I'm just starting out in landscape horticulture. Thats got to be enough to fill the resume.
Landscape Engineering Service
US Army 996th EN Co

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