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I've had the opportunity to work in the industry with a guy for almost the past 20 years and we have done every aspect of landscaping design and install and I am starting some jobs of my own for my lawn accounts on the side. This also never interferes with my main job. Problem I have is that I know how to do everything with that many years of experience but have no clue how to price the job. Is it by the day, by the hour, according to the materials used, machine hours, etc. Someone wants to pay hourly for getting the job done plus materials, they WILL get a great job. But then again, as many have told me, my prices should be higher for what I know and can do. $40 hour apparently isn't enough. Landscaper or designer. After 20 years of"seeing it all" in landscaping and general contracting, I can say safely, both.

And don't get me started on those "lansdscape architects"!
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