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basicaly as i pop my cap on this creamy guiness I feel that we all love to be on our own and work outside for whatever reason. Some of us think we are great at this some of us think this is just a another pay check. If you actualy love this kind of work and are up to the challenge to do new things then you are a landscaper. You may cut grass, do installs are ICPI certified, irrigation whatever. The fact is when the day is done you feel you accomplished something today. You got your hands dirty. You did'nt get into a car and head to an office working 9-5 for the same friggin paycheck week after week after week. You took a shot and said frak that man i am going to be a friggin landscaper and they can stick that paycheck up their beloved assholes. This is what we do. We may struggle from time to time. The weather may shoot us down or build us up. we go by nature and gut instinct to be the best at this no matter what the hell it is. Thats all I have to say about that. God I love this beer.
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